Video Game Players Union

Edmonton 2008, 2:25 min, Dir: Paul F. Becker

If video game characters had their own talk show it would probably look exactly like this stop-motion animated short. Created by Paul F. Becker and musician Cameron Dahl for a demo reel, it kind of makes you wish they’d pitch the idea to Teletoon. That channel would be mad not to pick it up and ask for 22 late night episodes. Anyone for Chad chatting up Lara Croft and 343 Guilty Spark with Hirokazu Tanaka as musical guest? Count me in, please.

Paul Felix Becker is a filmmaker and motion graphics designer who has spent the last two years learning the entire Adobe Creative Suite in an effort to expand his artistic capabilities. Video Game Players Union, a product of that effort, combines traditional stop-motion techniques with cutting edge compositing work. It also represents the intent of his collaboration with musician Cameron Dahl, which is to poke a post-modern finger at popular culture. Paul is now working on a number of small projects, focused mostly on the integration of live-action footage with CGI, but plans to start a new feature script this summer. Cameron, a multi-instrumentalist composer, turntablist and performer, has been hard at work editing, performing, and composing music.